• Nava Karnataka Social Service Trust

    Strengthening and Nurturing the needy and encouraging them in their economical development and growth.
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    Special emphasis in this activity will be accorded to Trial Children.

  • To foster meaningful membership hailing from different socio-economic, cultural and linguistic backgrounds

    - Joseph
    President - NKSST

NKSST : Empowering Humanity by Service to the Needy Poor.


Nava Karnataka Social Service Trust

is an inter denominational, indigenous welfare organization. It has got a unique movement to uplift the downtrodden of the society (economically weaker sections, socially marginalized, sick & educational aspirants).

Vision : "Strengthening and Nurturing the needy and encouraging them in their economical development and growth. Opportunities are made available so that they could come together, learn and experience the purpose of this trust"

One man practicing good sportsmanship is far better than 50 others preaching it.


NKSST has taken the initiative to serve the poor and provide them basic health facilities, such that life becomes much easier for them. We invite you to assist us financially and otherwise, in order to bring up the poor and the under privileged who suffer due to lack of basic facilities.

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Project Activities

NKSST has been actively involved in various programmes and projects to help the needy. As a result, requirements of many people have been met as their needs are being met in time. Awareness is being created among the elite people in the society so that they could effectively share with their neighbours and friends.

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  • Annual Program

  • Awareness progam rally

  • Support for Self-Help Group

Latest News

  • Website is launched
    Suggestions, sponsorers are Invited
    Affliated body's to enrol their details
  • u/s 80G Tax Exemptions
    Donars are requested to donate for a noble cause
    Contact Office for details.

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