Community Development Activities

Our students are children, youth, and women from less privileged backgrounds who want to better themselves and the communities around them. They are dedicated, driven individuals who work hard every day, encountering hardships many of us cannot even imagine.

Community Development Activities

Health Programme: About 4000 people are registered and are benefited. There is regular check up by the Doctor once in a week, free medicines are provided. Regular awareness is given on consumption of nutritious food, hygiene etc. Includes awareness in AIDS (HIV), STD, awareness on T.B. and Medical Checkups for poor are organized. The medical checkups are made as the patient visit the clinic and hospitals and also as and when, with the help of the membership card issued to them. (Apprx.Rs 38,00,000.00 per annum)

Women Sanghas:
There are 50 Women Self Help Groups functioning under NKSST. The women conduct weekly meetings on various aspects like Self-Help Groups SHG). Benefits of SHGs: enhancement of self esteem, community development, health, hygiene, family budgeting and savings.

Community Development Activities:

  • Laid Roads,
  • Erected electrical poles,
  • Cleaning drainage,
  • Regular cleaning and spraying of DDT and
  • Fixing and repairing of bore wells.

Public Awareness:
Demonstration of Hygiene to women, youth and children who also took part in a procession organized by us to make the people of the locality understands the importance of cleanliness. We had staged dharna (Protest) for the roads to be laid, proper drainage and waste picking, which enhance public cleanliness.